Discover Larkfield

Founded in 2008, Larkfield is a dynamic hands-on consultancy business. 

Passionate about the issues that matter to our clients, we solve challenges that our clients cannot address independently. Value-driven, we engage with business, people, and problems, bringing vision and clear thinking to complex issues. 

As the world transitions to a greener, more sustainable new economic model, the Environment, Climate change, Net Zero Carbon, the demand for more sustainable, greener, cleaner water, energy, jobs, housing, and lifestyle are the significant issues impacting business today. 

We embrace the new, emerging, disruptive digital and technological innovations that address these challenges. Aligning our clients to new ideas, we encourage them to invest their intellect and capital in sustainable, profitable projects that benefit business and society alike.

We partner with private, public, and not-for-profit clients across many sectors and geographies, addressing these wide-ranging challenges. We get to the real business issues, building sustainable, lasting capabilities, leadership, skills, identifying better, profitable outcomes that deepen people and business understanding and resilience.

Sector Experience

Led by our client’s needs, we work wherever we are needed globally to address their most critical challenges. Larkfield brings deep sector expertise across:

  • The Built Environment, Real Estate, & Infrastructure
  • Business Consultancy: Strategic/ Property & Development Management
  • The Green Economy: Environment /Climate Change/Net Zero Carbon/ Sustainability
  • Disruptive Innovation & Technologies
  • Alternative & Renewable Energy 
  • Precision Engineered Manufacturing & Modern Methods of Construction
  • Life Sciences: PPE sourcing, Financing & Procurement

Always strategic, Larkfield delivers creative, actionable, sustainable business solutions. 

Our People

Our people are our success, their unique abilities, fresh perspective, insight, and holistic approach is applied to every project. 

Intellectually curious, we go beyond ideas to rethink the rule book. We challenge the status quo, bringing our instinct and imagination to create bespoke, whole-life solutions and meaningful action plans.

We deliver value for money, crisp, insightful, integrated outcomes from strategy to execution – created by diverse, inclusive, friendly people who can help.

Our Approach

Larkfield collaborates with clients across targeted sectors, applying total strategic focus to the question at hand, evaluating every angle, identifying risk, enhancing value.

Relentless in finding the correct answer, we treat each challenge as unique. We offer knowledge, insight, expertise, and guidance to move forward, grow, protect, and strengthen our clients’ business. Our fresh perspective on conventional thinking delivers truly customised client solutions rather than generic outcomes.

Working with Executive teams, we raise the level of strategic ambition, clarify the best strategic direction, and shift resources to the generation of superior value growth. We establish the standards, accountabilities, and performance management systems that make it happen; consistently.

Our deep knowledge of our client’s industries enables us to deliver rigorous analysis and pragmatic solutions, quickly producing practical, sustainable, high-impact results. 

Our approach is simple:

We ask our clients what they want to achieve, listen to the answers, learning what is most important to them. We then evaluate:

  • Assess the challenge
  • Analyse the need
  • Define the impact
  • Try to help them do it


If we cannot add value, we say so from the outset, and don’t waste our client’s valuable time.

A Better Built Environment

What we create – our human-made environment has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Over half the planet’s population lives in cities consuming over 75% of non-renewable resources. This upward trend places enormous pressure on us to design inclusive better built environments based on the best place-making principles and sustainable development. 

Since 2008, we have applied our intellectual capital to re-imagine what a better-built environment can look like.  We began with clean energy: rethinking waste as a valuable commodity, concluding that waste as an energy source can have a huge impact, in very different ways, to both advanced and developing economies, enabling a healthier lifestyle, stronger communities, contributing to economic growth and ingenuity whilst eliminating waste and pollution.

Inspired by the emerging disruptive thinking, technologies, and innovation, we applied our same end-to-end understanding to other important societal priorities and the physical infrastructure that supports human activity – to effect change.  

Effective development of the built environment depends on a sustained commitment over the short, medium, and long term. We align sustainable solutions with funding, identifying to our clients robust, high potential investment opportunities that are human-centric, sustainable, and profitable at the same time. We advise actionable initiatives for private and public bodies globally to generate employment opportunities, economic growth, and sustainable profit.

Disruptive Innovation and Technologies

A Better Built Environment can be achieved if we Disrupt, Rethink, Reinvent and Reposition.

Undertaking rigorous diligence, financial analysis, and structuring, we explore how best practice and new technology is incorporated intelligently into our built environment and address disruptive innovation and technologies such as:

  • Clean Energy, solar, wind, wave & tidal
  • Waste to Energy solutions including Plastic to diesel conversion technologies
  • Carbon Capture & Zero-Carbon technologies
  • Volumetric affordable housing & robotic technologies for precision-engineered homes
  • Transportation systems & utility networks
  • Flood defences
  • Telecommunications: power transmission  
  • Smart Systems in services, infrastructure, and buildings

Responsible Investment

Larkfield believes that Sustainability and Profit are no longer mutually exclusive. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) have sparked fresh thinking – a reimagining of capitalism to deliver a more sustainable economic model that places Nature, People, and the Planet at the core of value creation.

We are helping our clients respond to this challenge. We seek diverse solutions to environmental problems, consistently identifying new innovative approaches for their capital deployment. We re-examine the dynamic between economic, ecological, and social factors and determine new investment opportunities that achieve long-term value and sustainable profit.    

We actively encourage positive stakeholder capitalism to create better:

  • engagement between the Public and Private sector
  • responsible business growth and prosperity while serving broader society 
  • quality of life equally respecting people, planet, and profit   

We promote global responsibility and community-based economic values to encourage a transition to the new economy, a greener, more sustainable environment, society, and future.

Environmental & Social Governance

Investors increasingly allocate their capital to ethical businesses that prioritise, measure, practice and record their ESG performance. Repositioning our clients at the forefront of ESG investment we:

  • Embolden our clients to rethink their business goals to question what they can do now to improve their environmental credentials
  • Empower business to achieve sustainable profit by aligning its governance, strategy, and performance with the long-term ethical goals of society 
  • Encourage ethical business practice and culture to embody climate risk and the concept of “giving back” into every decision made
  • Exemplify ESG impact, leading by example by reporting annually on their non-financial performance

Social Impact

We understand authentic social need: it is engrained into our culture and the everyday business decisions that we make.

Working with youth employment, knife crime, those in need during the recent heath pandemic, nature reserve preservation, and other initiatives: we are proud of the ongoing commitment of our skills, time, and resource to benefit others, our community, and the environment.